GPU-based object tracking

Boguslaw Rymut; GPU-based object tracking; Master’s Thesis; Rzeszow University of Technology; 2010
Supervisor: Bogdan Kwolek, DSc, PhD, Eng., Associate Prof
Keywords: image processing, object tracking, gpu programming, nvidia cuda, parallel programming


The purpose of this master thesis was to propose the implementation of particle swarm optimization and particles filter methods for GPU class devices based on NVIDIA CUDA technology. The thesis presents issues related to programming applications in NVIDIA CUDA technology and methods of object tracking based on adaptive model using particle swarm optimization and particles filtering. his thesis also describes the construction of two demonstration applications: an implementation of particle swarm optimization and implementation of particles filter. In particular, the thesis demonstrated that it is possible to obtain significant GPU/CPU speed-up. The thesis presents the advantages and disadvantages of implementation of these algorithms on the GPU devices.


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